Research on American interest groups and lobbying

Below is a list of articles appearing in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters that I have authored or co-authored.

Ages of Organization: The Emergence of National Interest Groups in American History Political Science Quarterly forthcoming.

Changing State Interest Group Systems: Replicating and Extending the ESA ModelInterest Groups & Advocacy forthcoming.

The Influence of Interest Group and Party Competition on State Spending and Debt” with Jeff Cummins.  American Politics Research 48(July, 2020): 455 – 466.

“Strategic Lobbying to Support or Oppose Legislation in Congress” Journal of Legislative Studies 25(December, 2019): 533 – 552.

“The Influence of Corporate Lobbying on Federal Contracting” with Aaron Dusso and Henrik Schatzinger. Social Science Quarterly 100(August, 2019): 1793 – 1809.

Dynamic State Interest Group Systems: A New Look with New Data  Interest Groups & Advocacy 8(December, 2019): 499 – 518.

“Fiscal Accountability in Gubernatorial Elections” with Jeff Cummins.  State Politics & Policy Quarterly 18(December, 2018): 395 – 416.

Interest Groups and Lobbying Research in a Higher Level Context.”  American Politics Research 45(September, 2017): 887 – 902.

A Theoretical Foundation for Assessing Principal-Agent Problems in Lobbying.”  Interest Groups & Advocacy 6(October, 2017): 272 – 289.

“Learnable Skills or Unteachable Instinct? What Can and Cannot be Taught in the Lobbying Profession with Heath Brown and Timothy M. LaPira.  Interest Groups & Advocacy 4(March, 2015): 7 – 24.

Challenges of Integrating Levels of Analysis in Interest Group Research  In The Organization Ecology of Interest Communities, eds. David Lowery, Darren Halpin, and Virginia Gray, pp. 79-97.  London: Palgrave-Macmillan, 2015.

Lowi’s Republic: Legacies of The End of Liberalism”  In the Oxford Handbook of the Classics of Public Policy and Administration, eds. Edward Page, Steven Balla, and Martin Lodge.  New York: Oxford University Press, 2015.

Why Lobbyists for Competing Interest Groups Often Cooperate.”  In New Directions in Interest Group Research, ed. Matt Grossmann, pp. 105-121.  New York: Routledge, 2014.

No Exaggeration Truthfulness in the Lobbying of Government Agencies by Competing Interest Groups with Hyoung-Goo Kang.  Japanese Journal of Political Science 14(December, 2013): 499 – 520.

“The Interest Group Effect on Contact with Congress.  Party Politics 19(November, 2013): 925 – 944.

A Dynamic Model of Member Participation in Interest Groups.”  Interest Groups & Advocacy 2(October, 2013): 278 – 301.

Shopping in the Political Arena: Strategic State and Local Venue Selection by Advocates with Jeffrey R. Henig and Heath Brown.  State and Local Government Review 44(April, 2012): 9 – 20.

The Failure of Indian Casino Advocacy in New York.”  In The New Politics of Indian Gaming: The Rise of Reservation Interest Groups, eds. Kenneth N. Hansen and Tracey A. Skopek.  Las Vegas: University of Nevada Press, 2011.

Democratic Limits of Political Conflict.”  In Stewardship of Public Lands: Politics and the Yellowstone Ecosystem, ed. N. Scott Cole.  Washington, DC: American Association of State Colleges and Universities, 2010.

Interest Group Competition and Coalition Formation.” American Journal of Political Science 53(April, 2009): 360 – 375.

Institutional Constraints on Legislative Lobbying. Social Science Journal 46(December, 2009): 756 – 775.

Interest Group Competition and Cooperation at Legislative Hearings.”  Congress & the Presidency 35(Autumn, 2008): 17 – 38.

By Invitation Only: Controlling Interest Group Access to the Oval Office.”  American Review  of Politics 25(Fall, 2004): 221 – 240.

Community Mobilization and Credit: The Impact of Nonprofits and Social Capital on Community Reinvestment Act Lending” The Impact of Nonprofits and Social Capital on Community Reinvestment Act Lending.”  Social Science Quarterly 85(March, 2004): 187 – 205.

Choosing Battlegrounds: Interest Group Lobbying Across Multiple Venue”  Political Research Quarterly 56(September 2003): 325 – 336.

Expanding the Limits of Power: The Federal Reserve and the Implementation of Functional Regulation in the Gramm-Leech-Bliley Era” The Federal Reserve and the Implementation of Functional Regulation in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Era.” Review of Policy Research 19(Winter, 2002): 95 – 119.

The Community Reinvestment Act and Community Organizations in Washington, DC.”  In Changing Financial Markets and Community Development, eds. Jackson L. Blanton, Alicia Williams, and Sherrie L.W. Rhine.  Washington, DC: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 2001.

The Battle is Over, But the War Goes On: Reflections on the Financial Modernization Act of 1999.”  Policy Perspectives 8(Fall, 2000): 2 – 12.

Turning David and Goliath into the Odd Couple: How the Community Reinvestment Act Promotes Community Development Financial Institutions” with Nellie R. Santiago and Ross D. Levi. Journal of Law and Policy 6(Fall, 1998): 571 – 651.

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